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5 Tips for Hiring your Perfect Wedding Vendors

Yay! You're engaged! OR...just doing research to plan for your future, someday, maybe wedding. Hey girl, no judgment! This blog post is for everyone!

Hiring vendors and figuring out what the next step in the wedding planning process is stressful! Can I get an amen?! Well, don't worry! I'm here to make your life a little easier with these 5 helpful tips to hire the perfect wedding vendors (more specifically your wedding planner) for your big day!

Tip # 1

Do your research! Look up and meet with multiple vendors within that field. If you're looking at wedding planners specifically, map out what is important for you + your fiance. Do you want someone who can give you step by step instructions from the very beginning of your wedding planning? Do you want someone to go with you to your other vendor meetings; ie: floral appointments and mock ups, tastings, walk-thrus, etc. Or, do you just need someone to tie up the loose ends the month prior to your big day. Pro-tip: Hire a month-of versus a day-of coordinator. There are SO many details that you have mapped out of your wedding in your head and you don't want to have to go through everything on the day of your wedding with that coordinator. Let your wedding planner be in contact with your vendors at least the month prior, so that they can be responsible for arrivals, details, etc. Don't rely on the venue's coordinator to be able to provide all of the necessary assistance you will need for this big day. Stay tuned: blog post coming soon about venue coordinator versus wedding planners (coordinators).

Tip #2

Make sure you vibe with your vendors! This goes for every vendor you are going to have on your big day. You want to feel comfortable and calm on your big day and the people around you will really play into that. Some vendors may work for your friends, co-workers, family, etc., but they don't really vibe with you and your fiance and that's okay! The vendors will be doing their own assessment of you as a couple too to make sure that they can best serve you both on this big day. Go with your gut and hire the person or team that makes you feel comfortable and confident! Pro-tip: Phone calls are good initial way to engage, but also try to meet with them in person or do a Facetime/ Skype call to get a real feel.

Tip #3

Ask them to bring examples of their work. Timelines, budgets, layouts, checklists, etc. so you can get an idea of what they have to offer and if it fits with your style. If you are going to hire someone as full service, you want to see what they will bring to the table to assist you in your planning process. If you are looking to hire a wedding photographer, you want to see what their work looks like. Reviews are great and social media is too, but what do the prints look like? What do they have to offer as additions to your wedding packages?

Tip #4

Bring lots of questions and what if scenarios! Again, you want to make sure that you will feel comfortable on your big day and not have to worry about their specific job or responsibility. Wedding vendors expect this and want to make a client feel comfortable with their role in their wedding. Plus, they will also know that these aspects are important to you and will be able to keep an even more mindful look out for these scenarios.

Tip #5

Don't hire friends or family members. I know this one is tough and believe me, I am all about saving money! So, this rule is not set in stone, but I have seen SO many issues when brides/grooms cut corners and hire someone who offers their services for cheap or free. HOWEVER, there are definitely exceptions to this rule. I mean there are some pretty RAD vendors out there obviously and your friend, family member, coworker could be one of them! First, make sure that your friend or family member is okay being a vendor first and foremost before being a guest on your special day. Second, don't feel like you HAVE to hire them because they are your friend or family member. This goes for all facets of your wedding, but do what you and your fiance feel are the best fit and representation of you as a couple!

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